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Screening and background checks

Working with Children Check Search
This search allows you to check whether an individual has a valid Working with Children Check.  The results of the search will be emailed to your provided email address.

This search does not reveal any personal information about the applicant. The searching facility is audited to ensure that it is used appropriately by users.

Prior to conducting the search, you must check with the individual as to their full name (exactly as they provided it to the screening unit at the time of applying for their check) and the unique ID that they were issued on finalisation of their check.  If the individual is unsure of this information, they can get this information here.  

It is important that you enter the information exactly as the individual has given to you.

For example, if the individual gave their name to the screening unit as Samantha Mary Lee, then the following must be entered:

First Name = Samantha
Middle Name = Mary
Last Name = Lee

Any discrepancies in the name will produce inconclusive results. E.g. entering M instead of Mary

If the person has a single name only, this must be entered in the Last Name field.

Search for a person with a Working with Children Check

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