Department of Communities and Social Inclusion

Screening and background checks

Verify your customer details
Complete this form so that we can verify your current customer details. The Screening Unit (Department of Human Services) will then email you with a link to another online form where you can provide your updated details. 
  • Name  
    It is important to enter your name exactly as you provided it on your initial application. E.g. If you provided Samantha Mary Lee, enter:  
       First Name = Samantha 
       Middle Name = Mary 
       Last Name = Lee 
    Do not enter, for example M instead of Mary 
    If you have a single name only, enter this in the Last Name field. 

  • Reference Number 
    Enter any one of the following:
    -    NDIS worker ID 
    -    Working with Children Check Unique ID (“SRN”) 
    -    Reference number (“CCR ID”) 

           These can be found in the email you were sent advising you of the outcome of your screening check. If you do not have access to this number, you can perform a search to 
           get your Unique ID (for Working with Children Checks only).  

  • Email address
           You must provide the same email address that you used on your application. If you no longer use this email, contact the Screening Unit before continuing:  
           Phone 1300 321 592