Department of Communities and Social Inclusion

Screening and background checks

Verify Your Identity
You must tell the Central Assessment Unit (Screening Unit) as soon as reasonably practicable if any of the following changes occur:  

•    you change your name or use another name;
•    you become prohibited from working with children under a law of the Commonwealth, or of another State or Territory;
•    you become a registrable offender under the Child Sex Offenders Registration Act 2006 (SA);
•    you make a disclosure to your employer under section 66 of the Child Sex Offenders Registration Act 2006 (SA);
•    there is a change in the assessable information related to you since your most recent working with children check. Assessable information is the information that the Central Assessment Unit risk assesses to determine if a person should be prohibited or not prohibited from working with children. Assessable information includes but is not limited to criminal charges, criminal convictions and findings of guilt, child protection matters, disciplinary and misconduct matters, cancellation of an approval as a foster parent, intervention orders, and restraining orders. Assessable information is defined in section 8 of the Child Safety (Prohibited Persons) Act 2016 (the Act) and regulation 8 of the Child Safety (Prohibited Persons) Regulations 2019 (SA).     

This form allows you to verify your identity with the Screening Unit.  Once verified you will be sent an email to the provided email address with a link so you can notify the screening unit if any of the above changes occur.  

On finalisation of your Working with Children Check, you were sent an email advising that you were not prohibited from working with children.  This email contained your Working with Children Check unique ID.  If you cannot locate that email, you can use the Get my Working with Children Check Unique ID  functionality to retrieve it.

If the email address that you used on your application is no longer valid, please contact the screening unit.

It is important that you enter the information exactly as previously provided to the screening unit on application.

For example, if your name provided on application was Samantha Mary Lee, then the following must be entered:

First Name = Samantha
Middle Name = Mary
Last Name = Lee

Any discrepancies in the name will produce inconclusive results. E.g. entering M instead of Mary

If you have a single name only, this must be entered in the Last Name field.